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We provide the highest level of excellence in construction services. At Ideal construction & Architecture Design, we outperform competitors by focusing on our foundation principles:


We wrap up projects on the right foot, ensuring final approvals are complete, warranty follow ups are taken care of, and the Certificate of Occupancy is in place.


We at Ideal construction & Architecture Design are highly committed and motivated individuals with strong fundamentals. We believe in seasoned project managers and superintendents with a common sense of urgency to delivering every project on time, on budget, and in a safe working environment where our employees thrive.


More than “firm” experience, our employees have vast collective knowledge from decades of work for sizeable commercial contractors. This background allows us to develop key systems typically only available at much larger organizations. We draw on our staff’s talent to find innovative solutions to any construction issue.


We start projects out on the right foot with site surveys, conceptual estimating, cost benefit analyses, and more to create a strong foundation for your project as a whole.

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Our projects spell success because success is a project that is always under construction. We build and deliver your vision exactly every time!

Construction & Management

Electrical Installation

Qualify Surveying


Construction Management


Peace of Mind

Create with the heart build with the mind.

One Contract

We are solely accountable for the successful design and construction of your building. We serve as an extension of your organization, ensuring your building meets your business needs and reflects your culture. This minimizes your project risk.

Integrated Design

Design-build provides great design while balancing image, function, quality, sustainability and cost expectations. During the design planning phase, we present design options and together determine your critical project components, avoiding costly redesign.


The delivery of your project on time is just as important as meeting your design and budget expectations. Scheduling and estimating proceed on a parallel track with design, allowing for a faster, more reliable delivery of your project.


Our Team of Engineers

Team Engineering is dedicated to helping people understand their buildings through inspection and consulting services provide practical, economical solutions for all building systems deliver engineer expertise for projects of all size.

Meticulous Planning

We are makers. Architects. Interior designers. Planners. Facility management consultants. Strategists. Experience designers. We are problem solvers. Ideators. Creators. Innovators. We design elegant solutions that align with our clients’ goals and deliver real value.

Systematic Implementation

Our licensed Professional Engineers have inspected over a hundred of buildings and still counting. We strive to deliver engineering expertise for all types of building problems. Once the source has been identified, we assist our clients in providing the most practical and economical solutions to give our clients peace of mind.


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Creating the spaces that people live in, raise their families in, and grow old in, is a tremendous responsibility. Housing is also the essential building block of a neighborhood, and therefore a key ingredient for a successful, living, urban environment.

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The nature of work, and therefore the nature of the workplace is changing. Today people want spaces that are less hierarchical, more collaborative, and able to accommodate a wide variety of work styles and activities. The new workplace is evolving to accommodate these new paradigms.

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